My Angels

My Angels

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mom 2 Mom: WWF

Mom 2 Mom: WWF


I have totally given up!!
Trying to get my kids not to wrestle is like telling a cat not to meow..
It is pointless...
But... don't they look like they are having fun?

Of course they are!!.. There are times when my husband and I are annoyed with the loud booms of the hard wood floor and the fact that we can not hear our favorite shows... but would we change anything?

Heck NO!!!!

This is what family is all about... watching your kids bond with each other and think of silly games to play!!  Frank and I think how can this be fun?   Like, Turner throwing Cedayne into the couch.

and.. SHE LOVED IT!!  :)
They must have done this a hundred times!!  There were times that I thought OH boy, shes hurt and she would jump up and say AGAIN!! and here they go!!

SO, how can you get tired of all this...they are having fun, the house is full of laughs and entertainment.. life is good and God is so good!

I wonder what Frank and I will do when the house is empty and quiet?  I know one thing, I am not sure if I want to think about that..I'm enjoying the chaos!!

But, there are some quiet times...
But, trust me...

They don't last long!!

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving holidays and all the fun that brings.  I am sure there will be more WWF sessions..
but maybe the turkey will get Cedayne and Turner to calm

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)