My Angels

My Angels

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Day Of Full Of Nature Right In My Backyard

I normally don't get all into the nature thing; but I did today and I have to say it was nice! 
Fall is trying to so hard to show itself!
 It was peaceful and I felt a different kind of happiness!  Maybe it was partly due to the fact that pip squeak was with me...

 Trust me, I am not a photographer, an artist or a writer, but today I felt like something important.  I was inspired by colors and I found plenty!

Does the colored toenail polish count?

I also felt the presence of God... I was really inspired by this picture I found just looking up through the tree.  It made me think of our hearts, how they may be tangled with branches, but God still pierces right through and reaches us!  How wonderful!

I loved finding a little piece of Fall!

I also love seeing these little treasures that the birds leave in the trees!

Today was very much about internal peace, I felt very close to God with my cheap camera.  I was on a mission, like I worked for a magazine and I had to get these awesome shots of nature. It was fun, then I stumbled on something so boring, yet so cool.

 Yep, an acorn.. then I noticed this...

So, I immediately thought, this looks like a little person that lost his hat... so I created little acorn people!

I introduce to you......




   Lady Gaga


some guy showing off his teeth!

 and lastly....  the head coach for the Florida Gators!!

With all this inspiration, it was a great day full of happiness and peace!  Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Halloween 2 Remember

This is what it is all about!
Great Friends, Great Family, Great Times and CANDY!!

and..  yes all kids have to survey all their candy like they are going through priceless treasure or gold.
and, please excuse the quality of the photo, my husband cannot work the camera!! lol

Can anyone say this is a little blurry!! lol

But, we all knew who stole the show!  Especially when she was doing a mean robot dance on the front porch to Thriller!

 The outfit of the night goes to Turner's friend, Logan!  What a hoot!!

And.. the the couple of the night goes too...

Best Buds!!   

I worked my fanny off to get the house Halloweenified!

 The punch looked little internal organ juice!! but tasted

My husband had the kids lay on the grass for a photo, not sure why!  But... they did it anyway!!  LOL

It was a great night and a tradition in the making!!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!  :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011