My Angels

My Angels

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Okay, totally getting into this blog, so here I go again!  I bought two pumpkins for my kids to paint and my daughter Cedayne took over and painted like a diva artist..
It looks like a marble!! lol
As you can see, she loved it!! 

Now, onto my little creation!  I made a pumpkin topiary!!  I got all of my supplies from Wally World and they are fake pumpkins!! I probably spent about $15 for all the products and used a glue glue!  Maybe this will be an inspiration for all of you to create a fall decoration!

Now.. life cannot be complete without a little Fall diva, right?!?

Life just is not complete without Hello Kitty!! My favorite!! Did you know Wal-Mart is now carrying hello kitty clothes!! oh yay!!!!

Now.. onto the front porch, of course everything is fake, don't have time to water!!

Can you believe I painted the whole floor on my front porch!! What a job, and why not I make it real hard on myself and do it in the middle of south Georgia summer!! aarrgghh!

Look at my baker's rack!! Yes.. everything came form Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby!!

 Now... you must get these candles from Wal-Mart, they are dirt cheap and will smell up your entire house!!  They have some great Fall scents too!!

I love this scent, Ginger Spice Cake! They also have Pumpkin Spice, now that one is real good too!!

I would love to hear all about your Fall traditions, or crafts!
Happy Fall to all those Diva Moms out there!!!


  1. Loving your fall flare! And your girl is just beautiful. Topiary rocks!

  2. Thanks Kelle!! It is so awesome that you wrote!! :)