My Angels

My Angels

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I will attempt to post a new blog in the middle of all the screaming for the St. Louis Cardinals!  Yes.. I am screaming too!!  

This week has been full of challenges...
This week has been a reminder of my father and the special moment that we shared years ago during his illness.
I lost my dad four years ago from dementia and this week was my dad's birthday.

October 26 
James Howell Turner
Died Jan. 1 2007

  What can I say about my dad.. well I could say a lot about him and the kind of man he was, but... I am meant to share more.
During my dad's illness, my dad and I had a very special moment together, it was the kind of moment that I knew was meant to be shared.  It was EXTRAORDINARY  it was an answer to prayer!

When my dad was diagnosed with dementia, my whole life fell apart.  The glue that kept the family together and strong, was gone.  I was devastated!  I began to pray and pray a lot!  I prayed for a miracle, I was like a little girl on her knees with a desperate plea.  I prayed off and on for almost 2 years that God would bring my dad back to me for ten minutes, so I could tell my dad how much he meant to me and how much I loved him.  I will be completely honest; I had faith, but not like I should have.  But... I kept praying!

One day; My husband, son and myself went to visit my dad in the nursing home.  My husband decided to take our son out and let me have some alone time with my dad.  This powerful feeling came over me, one that I have never had before.  It was a voice that said, "This is your time, tell your dad everything you are wanting to say."  

I grabbed my dad's big hands and with tears in my eyes began to tell my dad all the precious words that were in my heart and that were dying to come out.  My dad eyes never turned away from mine, he was hanging on to every word and his eyes began to fill with tears.  I knew I was reaching him!!  If my dad at anytime ever felt sorry for us, he catch phrase was always, "Bless your heart."   He said those very words to me when I was pouring my heart out to him and when I finally finished, which was about ten minutes, he said so plainly, "Thank you Cescee" and then he stared away.

I knew that my prayers were answered.  I learned the power of prayer, but I also learned the deep love that God had for me and my dad, to give us such a special moment together. I also knew I had to share it, but I  didn't know when or where.  When my dad passed and my mother and I were driving to the funeral home, I felt this familiar feeling again. Here comes that powerful voice.  This time telling me that I am to share this experience at my dad's funeral.  Well, I knew I had to do it and I did and it was such a peaceful and beautiful moment.

As I have mustered through this week; thinking about my dad, I feel lead again to share this special moment on this blog.  It is very personal; but it is meant to be shared, at every chance and opportunity that I can find. Jim Turner, you were a fine man and a wonderful husband and father, and I am so thankful to God that He gave me that one last opportunity to tell you again!

Happy Birthday Jim Turner!  I love you and you were nothing but CLASS!!

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