My Angels

My Angels

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Want to Complain?

Don't you find yourself just wanting to complain?  It just becomes one of our daily rituals, kind of like brushing your teeth.  You find yourself doing it, without even being aware.  Well.. I am taking a stand to STOP!! One thing I do know; when I complain, my day is sooooooo much worse! 
Yes, there will be bad days, but does complaining about them make them any better?  NO!!!!!  The only thing it does for me is make me feel worse.
I love Joyce Meyer and she has such in your face quotes.. one that I read this week was, If you think the grass is greener on the other side, guess what you still have to mow that grass.  LOL!!  Lets face it, life is hard!!

I know that being a female, you have to wear many hats; the hat of mother, wife, friend, caregiver, lover, therapist, supporter, cheerleader, nurse, and many many more.  Our roles never end, we are always in super mode and totally exhausted?  I have asked myself this many of times, I am taking care of everyone, WHO IS TAKING CARE OF ME?   No matter what life throws your way, try to be conscious about complaining and see the rainbows throughout the rain.  Have a blessed day all you hot mommas out there!!!!