My Angels

My Angels

Friday, October 14, 2011

Last night was Cedayne's Preschool Fall Festival!  Well, lets say rain festival.. it POURED!!!  I felt so bad for the teachers and all the hard work that they do for this festival, only to be running back and forth in the rain! :(

Cedayne got to jump on the pony for a short ride, she was totally unaware of the rain drops, she was in heaven!! :)
No Rain is messing up my day!!

and.. my friend Carla was sweet enough to walk all these kids in the pouring rain!! I am sure her pony was thrilled!! LOL!!

and, Cedayne could not leave the pony without a hug! :)

My son was just as excited to go to this preschool Fall festival, cause he got to help out!  He likes jobs, wish he felt that was about chores, lol.  Obviously, the rain didn't bother him, either!
Little Angels!!
and, yes... that is the tutu I made!! 

There is only one way to end a fun filled night like this, take the kids to Pizza Hut, and get stuck in the restaurant for a good 30 minutes, cause of the rain!  So, what do you do, take

Cedayne was a little scared of those teeth!!

Cedayne was so proud of her ring, that her daddy got out of the machine!!

I made the mistake of ordering the wings a little too hot.. oops!!

Can you see the pain?  lol

I even asked my husband to give a painful face!

Poor guy!! lol  I guess I will not be ordering wings again!

 Then, Turner was so OVER the pictures!!

But, it was a great night, rain and all!  There was much LOVE!! and food!!

Once last shot... this was the POUT mode, but still looked like an angel, right?

Well... I lied, here is the last shot!  Hope everyone has a great weekend! God is so good!!

Yes... she is still pouting!!  lol

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