My Angels

My Angels

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We are getting ready for Fall Break!   Time where we can destroy the hotel room and jump on the beds!  No cleaning rules, we can be SLOBS!!   AHHHHH!!  What a nice break it will be! 

So, I am doing the usual mom thing, washing clothes, so we can have something to pack!!

It is pretty sad when you need to catch up on laundry, so you can pack for your trip!!

But, mentally... I am ready! Ready to go somewhere where no one knows me, I can run into a store with no makeup on and not care!   So, I will have plenty to blog about when we get to Orlando! and.. I will have plenty of pictures!!

Last night we sat on the deck and just had some great family time!

Chef Turner made us a dessert, Graham Crackers with Marshmallows on top!  Not bad!!

Of course I had to take a picture of it.  Turner said, C'MON MAN!!

Cedayne was all about dancing with her Mickey and doing new tricks!!

Shake what your momma gave ya!

And, Yes.. there was LOVE...

Even Mickey got lucky and got a smooch!!

The kisses were being given out like candy!
Daddy always gets a kiss!  Cedayne loves her daddy!!

I will have plenty to share about Orlando on my next blog!!

Want to give a SHOUT-OUT to Lil Bug Clothing!  They have adorable custom Boutique clothing!
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 I leave you with more dancing!! Gotta love those Black Eye Peas!!!!

Have a GREAT week!!!  :)

Also,  Contact me for your next Disney vacation!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love weekends like this; nothing to do, but be us!

It started with some pink hair! Cedayne was all about modeling that hair, she thought she was a diva, well.... she is!

Yes.. we are Gator Fans... having a bad year..:(

And.... gotta have some coloring!!
and.. a little PEEKABOO!!

Then, no weekend would be complete without brownies, right?  I  recommend adding a pack of marshmallows, SUPER GOOOOOOEY!!!
My husband thought I was a

 Of Course, Turner had to get a lick!!

Now, recipe time!!  (Best side dish ever!!)
Idaho Potatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Speed up the potatoes in the microwave for about 20 minutes, chop potatoes and onion and throw in skillet with plenty of olive oil.  Keep turning on medium heat and add salt and pepper.  It turns out to be a dinner version of hash browns!! Your husband will think you are da bomb!!

I will add my salsa recipe soon...super hot baby!! my must haves...
1.  My BFF, my Keurig, best coffee ever!!

 My BFF!! We take it on vacations, I give it a big smile every morning!  :)

2.Now... My son got me this coffee mug, what is he trying to say?

Cedayne was all about putting on her new socks!!

And to top it all off for the weekend,  Wear those glasses upside down!  Cause.. that's how we roll!!  lol

Now.. time to get ready to get back into reality!  I guess that is what weekends are for!  We can't let people see us this way, right?  lol