My Angels

My Angels

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Only way for me to survive day to day, is MUSIC!! Man... without it, I'm Toast!!

So, I am going to have a weekly dance off with one of my kids.  Cedayne will start this week off with a little Black Eye Peas, U GO GIRL!!
Enjoy!! :)
Last night was Cedayne's Preschool Fall Festival!  Well, lets say rain festival.. it POURED!!!  I felt so bad for the teachers and all the hard work that they do for this festival, only to be running back and forth in the rain! :(

Cedayne got to jump on the pony for a short ride, she was totally unaware of the rain drops, she was in heaven!! :)
No Rain is messing up my day!!

and.. my friend Carla was sweet enough to walk all these kids in the pouring rain!! I am sure her pony was thrilled!! LOL!!

and, Cedayne could not leave the pony without a hug! :)

My son was just as excited to go to this preschool Fall festival, cause he got to help out!  He likes jobs, wish he felt that was about chores, lol.  Obviously, the rain didn't bother him, either!
Little Angels!!
and, yes... that is the tutu I made!! 

There is only one way to end a fun filled night like this, take the kids to Pizza Hut, and get stuck in the restaurant for a good 30 minutes, cause of the rain!  So, what do you do, take

Cedayne was a little scared of those teeth!!

Cedayne was so proud of her ring, that her daddy got out of the machine!!

I made the mistake of ordering the wings a little too hot.. oops!!

Can you see the pain?  lol

I even asked my husband to give a painful face!

Poor guy!! lol  I guess I will not be ordering wings again!

 Then, Turner was so OVER the pictures!!

But, it was a great night, rain and all!  There was much LOVE!! and food!!

Once last shot... this was the POUT mode, but still looked like an angel, right?

Well... I lied, here is the last shot!  Hope everyone has a great weekend! God is so good!!

Yes... she is still pouting!!  lol

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Okay, totally getting into this blog, so here I go again!  I bought two pumpkins for my kids to paint and my daughter Cedayne took over and painted like a diva artist..
It looks like a marble!! lol
As you can see, she loved it!! 

Now, onto my little creation!  I made a pumpkin topiary!!  I got all of my supplies from Wally World and they are fake pumpkins!! I probably spent about $15 for all the products and used a glue glue!  Maybe this will be an inspiration for all of you to create a fall decoration!

Now.. life cannot be complete without a little Fall diva, right?!?

Life just is not complete without Hello Kitty!! My favorite!! Did you know Wal-Mart is now carrying hello kitty clothes!! oh yay!!!!

Now.. onto the front porch, of course everything is fake, don't have time to water!!

Can you believe I painted the whole floor on my front porch!! What a job, and why not I make it real hard on myself and do it in the middle of south Georgia summer!! aarrgghh!

Look at my baker's rack!! Yes.. everything came form Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby!!

 Now... you must get these candles from Wal-Mart, they are dirt cheap and will smell up your entire house!!  They have some great Fall scents too!!

I love this scent, Ginger Spice Cake! They also have Pumpkin Spice, now that one is real good too!!

I would love to hear all about your Fall traditions, or crafts!
Happy Fall to all those Diva Moms out there!!!
Check out the cutest clothes ever!!!!

Got to send a shout-out to myself for my CRAFTY undertaking!!!!  I made a Halloween tutu!! I got the waistband (which is really a headband!!) and all the tool at Hobby Lobby!  I just cut about 3 by 10 inch strips and fold them in half and slip them through the holes of the headband and tie the knots. 

It is a little time consuming, but well worth it!!  I also tie ribbons throughout the tool too!  YAY ME!!  lol

Want to Complain?

Don't you find yourself just wanting to complain?  It just becomes one of our daily rituals, kind of like brushing your teeth.  You find yourself doing it, without even being aware.  Well.. I am taking a stand to STOP!! One thing I do know; when I complain, my day is sooooooo much worse! 
Yes, there will be bad days, but does complaining about them make them any better?  NO!!!!!  The only thing it does for me is make me feel worse.
I love Joyce Meyer and she has such in your face quotes.. one that I read this week was, If you think the grass is greener on the other side, guess what you still have to mow that grass.  LOL!!  Lets face it, life is hard!!

I know that being a female, you have to wear many hats; the hat of mother, wife, friend, caregiver, lover, therapist, supporter, cheerleader, nurse, and many many more.  Our roles never end, we are always in super mode and totally exhausted?  I have asked myself this many of times, I am taking care of everyone, WHO IS TAKING CARE OF ME?   No matter what life throws your way, try to be conscious about complaining and see the rainbows throughout the rain.  Have a blessed day all you hot mommas out there!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh Fall!!!

Boy, do I love Fall!! You know how it is, we all complain when it is too cold and then we complain when it is too hot! LOL!! I guess we are never satisfied with life, but how could you complain about the Fall, it is just GREAT!!
I do love getting all the scarecrows and pumpkins out and getting ready for Halloween!! Plus, I have totally gone crazy dressing my daughter in the cutest Halloween clothes!!

I will admit, dressing a little girl, is the BEST!! I love all the cool hair bows and all the accessories!! It is too fun!!