My Angels

My Angels

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Halloween 2 Remember

This is what it is all about!
Great Friends, Great Family, Great Times and CANDY!!

and..  yes all kids have to survey all their candy like they are going through priceless treasure or gold.
and, please excuse the quality of the photo, my husband cannot work the camera!! lol

Can anyone say this is a little blurry!! lol

But, we all knew who stole the show!  Especially when she was doing a mean robot dance on the front porch to Thriller!

 The outfit of the night goes to Turner's friend, Logan!  What a hoot!!

And.. the the couple of the night goes too...

Best Buds!!   

I worked my fanny off to get the house Halloweenified!

 The punch looked little internal organ juice!! but tasted

My husband had the kids lay on the grass for a photo, not sure why!  But... they did it anyway!!  LOL

It was a great night and a tradition in the making!!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!  :)

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